Friday, 9 March 2007

Im So Excited I Just Can't Hide It

Yes today i have decided to give myself a day off from the Series 2 reviews because news is starting to come as on the Doctor Who Official Site a new short trailer has appeared although it is only 14 seconds long it goes through with the simple message "Two World Will Collide". Although it is not really massive news it is a a sign that Doctor Who is coming so all we've got to do is wait and watch. You can find this teaser trailer on P.S Due to a obvious road to nowhere i have decided to shut down the piperpr site. Plus i have also updated my profile with a image and some facts

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Glad you've gotten rid of piperpr

Want my advice? Shut down all other pr sites except this; concentrate on just one site, and making it to the best of your abilities - then, a year or so down the line, think about a new site if it's needed,

Currently you keep repeating news items that have been posted on a dozen or other sites - what's the point? It's just a waste of time for you writing, and us reading.

Offer your readers something they can't get anywhere else, or they'll desert you for good.