Thursday, 22 March 2007

How Many Snogs?

After i have just come on my site at 7.00am in the morning i see a quite interesting comment left by Coed Fflaglau which said "Pop! Just saw this in a completely new who trailer and thought you may want to know. The Doctor and Martha snogged each other and I'm sure i saw a special weapons dalek from the old series, but it was only a short clip. It had a new speech at the beginning as well, where they went on about what Martha wanted in a man. *SQUEE*". Well i couldn't ignore something like that so i looked into and i found the video and some more exciting pictures. After watching the trailer i couldn't agree more with Coed there did seem to be a strange dalek which looked like a special weapons one but I'm not sure either. All the pictures are below which include the two snogging after minutes of meeting. I will try to get the video later today until then you can see it here. Thanks to Coed for informing me about the trailer again and remember Wolfy's this blog seems to be the first to post this news so please keep visiting.

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