Tuesday, 27 February 2007

News and More News

1st of all the latest issue of Doctor Who magazine is out and jammed packed full of great stuff.Producers Julie Gardner and Phil Collinson reveal to Doctor Who Magazine whether Michael Sheen is going to be the Eleventh Doctor, why Julie Gardner's windows have been nailed shut, and what the bathrooms are like in the TARDIS. Plus this from a certain David Tennant: "Are the Zarbi coming back?"it will also have plenty of information on Smith and Jones. Finally as if i could forget which i didnt off cause (thanks Paul Earth Defence) a few more episode names have been released. Episode 8 has been confirmed to be called Human Nature Episode 10 will be called Blink (mysterious) and Episode 12 will be called The Sound Of Drums. By the way Doctor Who returns on the 31st March (sorry for saying earlier) Secondly Bad Wolf can reveal to all you Wolfys that the great Billie Piper is due to be on Top Gear on the 4th March. However she was going to be on earlier but for a Top Gear special (she would have made it special). Thirdly and finally i now have confirmation that the classic doctor who episode Survival is to be realeased on the 16th April. Aswell the Christmas special runaway bride is to be released on the 2nd April as i said ages ago but by the looks of things it will not include Smith and Jones. I told you i am brilliant and now you should all believe my predictions. Until next time pop.

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