Tuesday, 13 February 2007

The Master Returns

Well will you look at that a couple of hours in and i already have news i must be a professional. But thats just being stupid i'd like to thank the great guy at Lifeonmarstv for giving me something to write about. What it is, the star of Life On Mars (BBC 1 9.00pm IN COLOUR) John Simm has been linked to play The Master in Doctor Who over the last few days. Well it has almost been confirmed by the The Indepentdant on Sunday after he apparently said to Liz Hoggard "my new role will involve seeing a doctor". Whether or not this is completely true or not is yet to be seen but i'm sure as well as many other Doctor Who fans that he will be apsolutly incredible. Finnally i'd just like to say if anyone has any news which i miss feel free to post it on the cbox where i will be most nights.

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