Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Doctor Enders

Even more celebrity's have been named for the new Doctor Who series. One of which is another Eastenders actor called Tom Ellis who played a Doctor in albert square and is now going to meet a real doctor. Tom is set to play a crucial role during the finale of the series. A possible spoiler has been said by a insider on the show. The insider says that (Invisible Ink) although John Simm has been named to play the master in the finale we are told that Sir Derek Jacobi will play a good guy called the professor but is he all that he seems as the Doctor finds out that he is really the master when he dies and regenerates in the big shock of the series. Just to add to drama sources of mine tell me that at the end Martha goes with The Master in his Tardis because he tells her that he is the Doctor that had just regenerated. If this news is entirely true or not is yet to be seen and only time will tell but if it is the finale is set to be an amazing storyline. Could i once again thank Mark for his help during this post.

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