Friday, 16 February 2007

Bad Wolf Needs You

As we edge closer to the return of Doctor Who people are starting to wonder what is this big secret of The Face Of Boe? You've all heard the rumours in the papers and most of the time they are absolute rubbish but this is where you come in i want to hear from you what you really think the big secret is, What you think it is too do with, or if there even is a big secret. I want to know if you could post all your answers in the comments section below i will be very thankful ( when you wish to publish select the box other). The ones that i believe are the best will be picked out and shown. Also below will be my personel idea is of what the secret is going to be. Thank You Very Much.


pop said...

I personally believe whether it is true or not is yet to be seen but i believe that it is a warning to the doctor of things to come which will obviously be seen in the grande finalie. I t has to be something to do with the master supposingly returning. I think he will also talk about Captain Jacks return. This is only my idea it might be absolutly 100% wrong.

Torchwood Member said...

I would say that the secret would be the doctor aint the only timelord or jacks return like pop said but really i have no clue.

Mark said...

i would think it would be the words along the lines of
"You Are Not Alone"
"Rose Is Coming Back"
it is rumoured to be 4 words long

Gwen said...

I think it might be Either something about Torchwood,Jack or Rose may be or again stuff to come in the furture but yet i dont really know all i want to say is : The Doctor met up with the Face of Boe in the New Earth episode. After the Face of Boe recovered from sickness The Doctor did ask him then What was the secret he had to tell him but the Face of Boe said They will be one final time when they will meet again someday and only then will he reveal his Big secret. So will this be the very last and final meeting? or will they meet again someday? hopefully they will meet up again. But is this the last time we will ever see the Face of Boe???

Kelly said...

I've heard lots of rumours about this topic. IMO, i think that the secret will be about other Timelords. I think that some of the Timelords survived the Time War. I know that The Doctor said in Series 1 that if there were any Timelords, he would be able to sense them. But I think that if they survive, they could have gone into hiding and changed their identity. This is why The Doctor cannot sense them.
I also think that Jack plays a part in this "Secret" which is why The Doctor goes back for him.