Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Autographs Autographs

Apart from actually meeting a star of Doctor Who or Torchwood Or Sarah Jane Adventures the next best thing is to have there autograph. I know your thinking i gonna have to pay 100's of pounds to get hold of them but there is another way fanmail. Fanmail is a great thing in which you can send a letter to your favourite actor/actress where you can request a autograph or just praise them. Currently i have out of Doctor Who and Spinoffs David Tennants, Billie Pipers, Christopher Ecclestones, Freema Agyemans,John Barrowmans, Gareth David-Lloyds and Elisabeth Sladens (thinks thats all of them). I have also sent off to the rest of the Torchwood Team, Tom Baker and Terry Molly (Davros) who i am still waiting for a reply off. If you wish to send a letter to them yourself send a letter in a envelope with the actor/ actresses address on it and also include in that envelope another envelope with your own address on and stamp. All the addresses you will need will be posted tommorrow aswell as scans of my autographs.

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